Why does everything have to be reflective, a rant.

WHY THE HELL IS EVERYTHING REFLECTIVE? I seriously feel like my eyes are constantly being stabbed by the chrome on cars, shiny desks, metal, and literally any reflective surface. I have anti glare sunglasses and they kind of help but there are so many reflective things indoors too that half of the time in the office I feel like my eyeballs are being stabbed with ice picks. I’ve talked to my eye doctors about it over the years and I’m regularly just told to eat more leafy greens. ๐Ÿ™„

Author: Akulya

Everything is so shiny, what are we, humans or magpies?


If I look at the sunlight reflecting from anything, I have that image imprinted into my eyeballs all day long ๐Ÿ™


Concrete/fresh asphalt is the worst! Canโ€™t even look at the ground.


Are your glasses fl41โ€™s? I have a similar issue due to making 0 tears (and therefore photophobic as fuck) and my indoor anti glare theraspecs are seriously amazing. I just got a new custom pair with some frames I had and Iโ€™m very happy with them

My sunnies have the fl41โ€™s as well

Edit: changed spelling apparently Iโ€™m having a stroke or something as I type this


Light doesnt trigger my migraines, but god do I hate cars that have chrome in the interior, like how tf do you design a car that literally blinds the driver?


I refuse to use anything but matte screens on electronics. I have a “screen protector” thing for my phone that makes it matte. All light up displays (like why does my air purifier need to light up, how is that helpful?) are covered with black electrical tape or in the case of clock faces & the like we use peel & stick tint on everything. It’s very helpful!


Agreedโ€ฆim like a ๐Ÿง›โ€โ™‚๏ธ vampireโ€ฆhisss


Y’all sound like you need some polarised sunglasses. They are phenomenal and I never leave the house without mine. Well worth the investment for a good pair. I’m pretty photophobic even when I’m not having migraine symptoms.


It sucks to be both attracted to and repulsed by shiny things, particularly on a migraine day.


Right there with you. I wear sunglasses as much as possible outside of the house. Even on cloudy days, it’s like there’s just no relief.


I ordered category five sunglasses that were advertised for people glacier walking and cross country skiing. They work a treat! But I still die when I have to drive at night. Other cars are the bane of my existence.


Yes! This is my migraine trigger. Shiny glare like that.. Hate it. I finally got an office at work a few months before covid, and I put covers on the lights and lowered the brightness on my monitors, too. It was Soooo much better than sitting out in a cubicle next to the huge window where I wasn’t allowed to mess with the lights because they “need to all look the same” despite the fact that we never had clients or customers or anything like that in the office..


I wear Theraspecs for almost everything. I wear the “fit over” indoor Somnilight glasses over sunglasses or normal glasses driving day and night.



When we bought our house, we had to replace ALL the stainless steel appliances, even though they worked perfectly fine.

We got all white, but they’re pretty much matte, so no reflections.

It’s just the worst, and there are so many small, normal things that shove ice picks straight through my eye.

Did my husband just pick up a spoon to stir his coffee?


Did someone outside open up a car door?


Did I glance a millimeter of aluminium foil?


Plastic packaging? Metal pans? Toaster aisle at Target? A glass of water hitting the sunlight for two seconds?



Thank you! And Costco is the shiniest place on earth. The fricken floors reflect the huge lights.


Oof, this seriously sucks.

For me itโ€™s more light in general rather than glare, but you are definitely not alone in your pain. Whenever someone comes over to my apartment, the first thing they say is, โ€œwhoa, itโ€™s dark in here.โ€ Like, yeah. Light triggers migraines and migraines make me very light sensitive. My lamps all have 350 lumen bulbs and I still cover the shade with a towel because itโ€™s too bright. Thatโ€™s if my lights are even on! I have blackout curtains on most of my windows too. I also have an Allay Migraine light that Iโ€™ll use instead of regular lamps when I really need light to do something.

Fluorescent lights, certain colors, stage lights (part of the room is dark and part is light)โ€ฆ awful. I had to stop going to church for awhile because the lighting triggered awful migraines every time I went. I ordered dark sunglasses specifically made for migraineurs that I now wear in church to prevent migraines. They make me look like a doofus but I donโ€™t care because it does help.

Wishing you the best, friend. Itโ€™s crazy the lengths we have to go to avoid triggers.

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