Why does drinking coffee relieve migraines?

Why does drinking coffee relieve migraines? My neurologist always recommends caffeine. Some studies show that in the beginning of a migraine caffeine constricts blood vessels and if taken mid migraine it can “inflate” blood vessels to return the blood flow.

Drinking coffee on a regular basis can increase severity or frequency but the neurologists says if you don’t drink it on a regular basis you can use it to treat a migraine.

Caffeine For Migraines


12 thoughts on “Why does drinking coffee relieve migraines?”

  1. Caffine restricts blood vessles( it’s a depressant) and migraines are blood vessels that swell and press upon nerves in the brain

  2. Has absolutely no effect on mine. If I abstain… no effect. If I drink more… no effect. I’m also the person that can drink a couple cups of coffee right before bed and still be asleep in less than a minute.

  3. Because of the vasoconstriction and it raises the blood pressure a little, some of us need both those things to relieve migraines. I also have POTS.


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