What Headache Dizziness Could Mean

What Headache Dizziness Could Mean

Headache dizziness as a symptom is not fun at all. Having the headache is bad enough, but when it is mixed with different symptoms such as dizziness or vertigo, it might be even worse. Many people feel very frightened to have a headache that causes feelings of dizziness, but it could be a symptom that will help you to diagnose the situation and get the correct treatment.

First it helps to define what dizziness means. The word “dizzy” describes actually two different feelings. The first is vertigo and the other is light-headedness. And it is important that you understand the difference so that your healthcare provider can correctly diagnose you.

If you feel like the room is spinning or moving around you (even when you know it is not), this is vertigo. Vertigo is the feeling that objects are moving around you when they are actually stationary. This is different from light-headedness. Light-headedness means that you feel faint or that you might pass out. You may feel dizzy, but you don´t feel like the room is moving or spinning.

Depending on which type of dizziness you have with your headache, it can mean different things. You´ll have to talk to your doctor to diagnose your specific problem. However, here are a few things that can cause this phenomenon.

Vertigo can be the result of problems such as migraine headaches which cause sensory problems. You may feel like you have a hard time walking or even fall. You could also have problems in the inner ear such as a sinus infection coupled with an ear infection. The ear infection causes balance problems while your headache is the result of sinus pressure.

Light-headedness can be the result of vascular problems such as blood pressure changes. It can also be caused by fluid in the head from allergies or a cold or flu. In addition, you may be dehydrated which can cause both a headache and dizziness. Even stress and anxiety can cause these symptoms.

If you are feeling headache dizziness, you probably do not have something seriously wrong. When you visit your doctor you will be able to determine what the exact cause of the problem is and be able to deal with it. On occasion these symptoms can mean that something more serious is occurring. Tests such as x-rays and MRIs can help to diagnose the issue.

Whatever you do, don’t overlook the problem with headache dizziness. Getting help from a healthcare provider may help you to feel better and return to ordinary activity sooner.

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