What Is The Correlation Between Migraines And Weather

Correlation Between Migraines And Weather

Since there is still controversy among researchers regarding migraine causes – stress, various foods, sleep disruptions – it’s no surprise that among the candidates, one was the connection between migraines and weather. However, it may not be as cut and dried as some migraineurs believe.

Migraine Diary – Why You Should Have One

It is commonly known among doctors that migraine headaches can often have no discernible trigger. Some may come on in conjunction with a woman’s menstrual cycle, while some may be caused by certain foods or beverages. Because migraines can be so difficult to diagnose and treat, it is often helpful for a patient to track … Read more

Top 5 Migraine Triggers

Top 5 Migraine Triggers

Approximately six million people endure at least one migraine every day. While doctors and researchers may not know the actual cause of migraines, they do know that certain people have triggers that set off the migraine. If you do not know what your migraine trigger is, it can be helpful to keep a thirty day migraine diary observing … Read more

What Causes Migraine Headaches

Headache Causes Is Important To Know About

If you or someone you know suffers from migraine headaches, you may have some idea of how debilitating they can be, but you may not be aware of their many possible underlying causes. In truth, there is still a lot of debate within the medical research community regarding what causes migraine headaches. Magnesium L Threonate … Read more

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