Migraine Fatigue

In order to understand what migraine fatigue is and how it can be treated, patients first need to be able to identify fatigue. It is a feeling of being extremely tired, weak or sluggish that is beyond a simple tired feeling after a long day. It can be debilitating because it produces a constant desire … Read more

Chamomile benefits for migraines

Chamomile benefits for migraines

Chamomile tea is not only sold in every pharmacy; today it can also be found on the shelves of a regular store, both in pure form and in the form of additives to other herbs. This flower has long been in demand due to its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Today I would like to examine … Read more

Sleep And Cold Therapy For Migraines

In today’s hectic, financially uncertain world, it is often difficult to get enough sleep at night. The recommended number of hours an adult should sleep per night is between seven and eight hours per night. While most of the adults in the United States find themselves sleeping four to six hours per night, those who … Read more

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