Migraines are not just the headaches, it’s the everyday sensitivity to light, sounds, smells which is just as bad

I don’t know if everyone else has this, but everyday is a struggle for me, in surroundings where there is too much light, too much noise (workplace especially) or people wearing too much perfume, aftershave or people who just reek of sweat. Especially how people smell is really hard on me. It has gotten worse the last few years. I can smell someone

DAE crave salt and fat during a migraine attack… and have it kinda work?

Hey everyone!

I have chronic migraine with Horner’s syndrome. I take topiramate and zoloft, with a box of on demand sumatripan and naproxen for attacks. While I have some identifiable triggers, poor sleep, seasonal allergies, weather changes, bright lights, cycle, sometimes I just get stuck in these intractable ruts where I have a medium grade pai