Does anyone else get headaches around their eyebrows? I have been having them daily

I have been having daily headaches around my eyebrows for over 4 weeks. It hurts on my eyebrows and directly above them. I only feel them around my eyebrows and I can feel an almost painful but also relaxing sensation when I massage my eyebrows during these headaches. I only get relief after taking paracetamol (2 pills of 500mg). These headaches st

Anyone else tired of being asked if they’ve gone to the doctor?

I’m getting sick of people asking me that when they find out. I know they mean well but come on like going to the doctor during a migraine is going to help in anyway. Like I’ve been stuck in this hell for a while and no I didn’t ever think to ask my doctor if there were other options. Sorry middle of migraine and just sick of being asked. Makes me

Does anyone else get pain behind one eye and neck pain when exposed to really bright lights especially fluorescent lights ?

Fluorescent lighting is the devil, absolutely knocks me for six if I spend too much time under them. MigreLief Original Triple Therapy with Puracol – Nutritional Support for Migraine Sufferers – 60 Caplets/1 Month Supply Available for Amazon Prime $25.95 ($0.43 / Count) Adults and teens with migraine – MigreLief provides effective nutritional support for … Read more

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