Migraine hungry is no joke

i had a migraine an hour ago, got hangry, remembered that there’s a rotisserie chicken in the fridge, went Jennifer’s body on the poor thing, and now there’s a chicken carcass next to me :]. that’s all besties.

feeding the migraine beast is like feeding the babadook. or chum time during shark week

Author: eskkrima

I’m relieved to know this isn’t just me. It’s been interesting learning my migraine habits. Wishing you relief!


For me, it’s the ravenous pre migraine hunger. When my appetite becomes insatiable, I know a doozy is coming my way.


Don’t know Jennifer’s body but can absolutely envision this. I once did the same with a housemate’s chocolate stash (big stash, several bars) and was caught surrounded by wrappers and with chocolate actually smeared on my face. Roommie was amused and sympathetic. I hope that chicken cured you.


my brother gets mid-migraine hunger because he often gets the ones without pain (lucky). I’m too nauseous during, but go completely fucking feral after its passed. i think it’s cause your brain burns like most of your calories so when it’s putting in all that work to be miserable, it makes you ravenous after! i always always want red meat, salt, or fat


I can’t keep an entire jar of peanut butter in my house. I will eat the whole thing with a spoon.


This is a very real thing. I’ve pulled over on the side of a 2 lane highway on Route 66 in the middle of NOWHERE to destroy a bag of tacos. When that beasts demands food, you feed it.


Your body was telling you what it needed Chicken is a good thing to eat.


I’m getting ready to raid the fridge. It’s almost bedtime, but I’ve got the post-migraine munchies!


Last month my migraines attacked the same week as my period… I refuse to remember the hungry monster that took over my body lol


bro my goto post-migraine meal is a shit ton of mcdonald’s. i smash that shit then fall asleep. my tiny ass inhales two cheeseburgers, fries, 10 nuggets and an apple pie with a large powerade lmao


Ah thank you. Its good to know that it’s not just me.


Red bull and chocolate are what the monster behind my left eye demands. If I give it enough it sometimes let’s me be able to wait until the kids are in bed before the puking and sleeping can commence.


I just ate half of a (smallish) birthday cake. I regret nothing.


My migraines always want carbs!


Mine is carbs, salt and fat. Tortilla chips and fake nacho cheese are my jam.


I just want you all to know that I have been suffering a lot from headaches and migraines because of the weather and hormones. (Midwestern rain meets PMS) and reading this thread made me tear up. I actually shoved my phone in my husband’s face and was like “r/migraine are my people! Look at them! THEY SEE ME!!!” He’s great, he gets it. But not like you guys. I wish you all well! Love you all!




Just watched Jennifer’s body yesterday lol.


Agreed. And also, those carcasses make for great soup!


I go for the chocolate stash. We usually have a lot and it lasts until I have a migraine. Weird thing is I started getting daily migraines a few months ago and haven’t been hungry.


Fried chicken/rotisserie chicken is my go-to migraine food. I don’t know if it’s the grease or what, but it makes me feel so much better. I will go out of my way and pay extra to get that shit delivered while having a migraine just to ease my pain.


I love the way you spend the gay in bed but felt like you didn’t sleep.


Oh gods… Yes. Done this after some of mine. I’d sooner the migraine hungries over the migraine crankies.


Carbs, carbs, carbs!!!!


Burger king.

If i end up hiding in my cold dark bedroom waiting for the metamizol to take effect, i sometimes find that I’ll end up slipping the whole day’s worth of food and a double whopper seems to be able to banish the remnants of a migraine from my brain.


Ah man the last two weeks I’ve had a weird fluctuating migraine and the amount of food I’ve been putting away is ridiculous. Hope that chicken appeased the demon!


I like to think that my brain has been whipping ass (my ass) and now it needs snacks.


I have gastropersis (dont digest food properly) so I usually cant eat much at once. Post migraine though, holey hell can I eat. I will eat a full family sized box of mac n cheese. I will be good for about 20 minutes and then eat a full bowl of cereal or fresh fruit. I usually end up sick the next day but I have yet to figure out how to satiate the beast without making myself sick.


Pre-migraine (and PMS) bread&butter pickles cravings, and post-migraine burger cravings for me :T


Hold on – I’ve had chronic migraines for years and I’ve always had a post migraine hunger attack in which all chips and chocolate in the house are demolished. This whole time I’ve been thinking it’s just me. I had no idea this was a thing! I feel so understood today, guys.
TIL about post migraine hunger by just stumbling upon this post. Thanks, OP!


post migraine, everything tastes sooo goooood haha. Especially since I get nauseous and my taste gets altered during a migraine so I won’t eat much, which if its a 3 day migraine can really suck. But those hours when I start to feel human again, I end up with all sorts of weird cravings


I just laughed out loud 😂 not at all what I was expecting to see on this sub 😂😂😂😂 I can relate though


I crave cheese so bad when I get migraines that I once melted an entire block of cheddar into a bowl and ate it like a dip with crackers 😬😬😬


For some reason I absolutely NEED greasy fast food after a migraine. Absolutely don’t want it any other time but if it’s a bad one I really want a burger and fries for some reason. Idk!!!


I find I have many cravings every single migraine. It seems to be a constant problem and struggle for me. I have found recently that 2 Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 1 tsp of salt in 32 Oz of water and a large protein and fat meal like a steak or ground beef cooked in butter or bacon fat will make the cravings melt and help the pain go down a bit.


I got that reference. Omg. Laughing too hard. Glad you ate and are feeling somewhat better.


So relieved to know I’m not alone in this! With my migraines, I either have no appetite or could eat a horse. There’s no in between.


See for me Migraines take all of my desire to consume anything. Now after the migraine fades comes the hunger. The never ending desire to consume everything in my path before the next wave of dehabilitating pain hits.


You can EAT during/after a migraine? My sense of smell goes crazy (not something I have often due to smoking) and I can literally smell the essence of everything even remotely close to me, to the point where every remotely strong smell makes me close to puking. God forbid if someone has eaten fish in the last day.

Infact, all I do during migraines is puke!! 8 times this time! It’s insane!


Chester’s Butter Puffcorn. I can literally eat an entire bag of it in like 45 minutes on a bad day. It’s basically popcorn, but super fluffy and with no hard kernels, so it’s just this perfect buttery, salty, amazing texture and flavor combo.

I can also do some serious damage to Jolly Ranchers, Reese’s cups, or extra crunchy peanut butter. When my brain is trying to explode, I don’t argue with it about balanced meals- I just make offerings to the angry brain and hope it accepts them.

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