How to prevent migraine and not gain weight?

Preventing migraines with medication often leads to weight gain. How to prevent weight gain and save yourself from migraines?

10 tips how to prevent migraine and not gain weight

10 tips how to prevent migraine and not gain weight

1. Force yourself to drink more water.The main reason behind migraines is blood is too thick. Drink tons of water. Eat less. Drink more. The more food you eat, the less water you can drink.

2. Try the keto diet. Following the keto diet will help you a great deal with migraine management. It’s not for everyone but worth a shot if you are not into the medications.

3. The one that really causes weight loss is Topamax – you can loose a ton of weight. But it also causes terrible brain fog and fatigue.

4. There are migraine prevention meds that don’t cause weight gain. You should talk to your doctor about your concerns and request a prescription for something different.

5. There are ways of controlling your migraines using magnesium BUT ONLY DO THIS with the approval of a doctor who understands that Magnesium can help with migraines.

6. Try Yoga. Scientists have denounced yoga as effective against migraines. People who practiced training for three months were able to reduce the number of pills.
Recently, the American Academy of Neurology shared the results of a study that proved that those suffering from headaches should do yoga in people between the ages of 18 and 50.They practiced yoga together with medication 3 days a week for an hour. The course under the supervision of an instructor lasted a month. It consisted of breathing exercises and relaxation postures. Then, for two months, each of the participants worked at home 5 days a week.As a result, these people had less headaches and were not as intense as before. The quality of life in general has also improved – migraines have ceased to greatly interfere with ordinary activities. If earlier group members experienced an average of 9 seizures per month, then, according to the results of the experiment, this figure was reduced by half (to 48%). Yoga practice helped them reduce their pill intake by 47%.

7. Try cinnamon for a headache. Cinnamon can dull hunger, especially when used in warm drinks. Thus, you can reduce the volume of your usual food. It also improves metabolism and, as a result, helps to lose weight.

Recipes with cinnamon for headaches

8. Using lemon to prevent and treat migraines and headaches can help prevent weight gain.

9. Walk more. It is good for the figure and perfectly improves blood circulation, which can reduce the frequency of migraine attacks. In addition, a walk in a good company improves mood, which is also good for health.

10. Laugh more, avoid stress, and get enough sleep. Lack of sleep and stress lead to both weight gain and headaches.


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