Have you tried any of these remedies to help?

Have you tried any of these remedies to help? If not try it.. we should all take this as a ‘challenge’ if it worked comment which one worked or comment I’d it didn’t it’s worth a shot.🤕🤕🤕🤕 if you are going to try it comment which one you will try or do as many as you like but separately so we know which helped 🤞💋

Chelsea Battle
Thank you so much! I recently gave ginger a whirl, with hot water and honey of an early morning and nighttime.😁 Another helpful tip someone kindly shared with me was the HUGE effects of blue light blocking products. I now have a screen protector on whilst I’m working all day and my eye-strain has decreased massively.
Matteo Gallini
I find helpful breathing and stretching exercises, and massage
Nicola Gribbin
I follow Anthony Williams, celery juice, lemon water with ginger. Tastes nice, but hasn’t reduced suffering so far…
Arjumand Ghayas
For me the most effective is Pineapple, green olives and Ginger. I’m.also taking supplements with magnesium which help as well. Green juice smothies for migraine is good as well.
Lee Simonds
I’ve tried the one with the hands and feet in water. It did not help at all. I tried all cold, hot and cold, etc. Nothing.
Wade McCulloch
What about the Chinese formula “Tian ma gou teng yin”. You can buy it online for cheap and it works miracles. It’s all natural too.
Cam Wilkes
I drink ginger water frequently with NRF2 daily but always make sure I am drinking at least 3 liters of water a day.
DiAne Schimpf
I’ve tried a few! Friends and family are always trying to be helpful and offer suggestions. Sometimes it’s a bit annoying, but, I usually do try it anyway.
Butterbur was not for me, feverfew tea can lighten one up a little though. There’s ginger in my curcurimin suppliment, so, I guess it doesn’t work dried.
A belly full of water makes me want to vomit. Lol.
Ice is not my friend, i think it overstimulates my nerves, SIL uses it though! I prefer the cool of a menthol rub.

Always worth a try!
Wade McCulloch
Chinese herbs plus CBD works miracles.
Lisa Slingerland

I have tried the ice pack on the back neck and hot water on the feet. When I can’t use hot water I will put a heavy blanket over my legs and caccoon them and a ice pack on my neck. I found doing this and breathing slowly with my eyes closed does help sometimes.

I have not heard of the grapes before, I will definitely be trying this

Tracy Pidd Smith
Redbush tea for IBS symptoms, golden paste for migraine neck

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