Handling Headache Neck Pain

Headache neck pain is something for your healthcare provider to handle. If you suffer from headaches, you may not only feel discomfort on the top part of your head. Frequently neck pain is involved in the symptoms of headache. If you’re suffering from neck pain, you may want to take a few special measures to help relieve your suffering.

Neck pain can be associated with headaches – and is sometimes the cause of them. If you’re suffering from headache neck pain, you may want to see your healthcare provider to determine if you have an injury. Muscle or soft tissue injuries can often affect neck pain. What you may think is a tension headache may actually be the result of an injury. You may also want to make sure you don’t have a spine injury.

If you’ve had a fall, a car accident, or some other type of accident you need to make sure you see a healthcare provider. This sort of injury can cause headache neck pain and leave you feeling miserable. But proper treatment of an injury may be all you need to get back to normal. Some injuries may be treated with medication, surgery, manipulation, or a combination of them.

Once you’ve determined that you don’t have an injury, you may need to focus your efforts on relaxing the muscles of the head and neck. The neck tends to work very hard keeping your head in place all day. It also receives pressure from stress. In addition, women often experience additional neck pain because of bra straps.

It’s important to take care of your neck. Regular stretching exercises can help you to relieve headache neck pain. You can take yoga or stretch classes to make sure you use the correct movements. In addition, instructional videos are available that will allow you to follow guided movements that help to relax your neck and other muscles.

You also need to make sure you get a good night’s sleep on a bed that is supportive. Pillows should also be supportive and comfortable. When you sleep improperly, you can increase headache neck pain.

Massage therapy is another option for dealing with headache neck pain. You can schedule regular massages to help work out the tension in your neck. If your budget can’t handle a one hour massage, you may want to try going to a massage therapy school where students perform massages at much reduced rates. You can also get chair massages that are shorter and less expensive.