Get Rid Migraine – Migraine Surgery – The New Migraine Treatment

Get Rid Migraine – Migraine Surgery – The New Migraine TreatmentMore and more migraine sufferers all around the world will soon be more aware of the possibility for a migraine surgery of the corrugator muscle. Those operations started in 2008. But what will happen when the surgery doctor remove this muscle, and how much will it cost you?

Before The Migraine Surgery

Before you can be considered for a migraine surgery with this method you have to go through a treatment with Botox (botulinum toxin). This procedure will take about eight weeks. If your migraine attacks will improve no less than 50 percent during this period your diagnosis are positive for this kind of surgery and you are welcome into the operating room. Botox has been used
for many years now and side effects are rare, if any. After a Botox injection you can drive your car. Nausea or dizziness almost never exist because of the small quantity used.

Removing The Corrugator Muscle And Get Rid Migraine

The corrugator muscle is situated above your eyebrows. And it is just one of the muscles you have to form your “frown lines” and other expressions around that area of your face. There’s also something called the trigeminal nerve. This nerve is closely connected to the corrugator muscle as it passes right through it. This interaction between the two can cause you a migraine attack. When removing the corrugator muscle, the trigeminal nerve will stay in place and will not be removed. Then the nerve can no longer be stimulated by the muscle and your symptoms will be eliminated.

By using the same method it is also possible to get rid migraine with a keyhole surgery on trigger areas of your temple. The surgeon can get access to the nerve through the area covered by hair. There is also a possibility to access a trigger nerve located in the neck.

After Surgery

The stitches are removed within five or seven days after the migraine surgery without any pain. The stitches are not visible for the human eye around the eyebrows after the operation. They are covered by small strips in the corner of your eyes. The small scar will be gone in a few weeks time. There will also be a small swelling of the eyelids not longer than two weeks. And because of the used anaesthetic it is better having your friend driving the car when you leave the hospital the same day.

It’s also important to rest after the operation. No work for two weeks and no physically strenuous training or sports of any kind within six weeks.

What about the costs?

Can I afford an operation? Of cause. Almost anyone can. Perhaps you have to ask your bank for a loan. But compare this with all suffering you have to go through. And what is the price you have to pay because of things you can’t do. Your health is the most important thing of all! For consultation and a botox test you have to pay about $600. That is if this is nothing for you. You find out that the Botox was not for you and your doctor will not go through with the surgery.

But if you find that Botox was a real help for you then you will have to pay for both the operation, consultation and Botox test. All together you end up with a cost around $4.900. But the price vary. At the Migraine Surgery Centre in London, the initial consultation is free, then the Botox test costs £320 and the surgery costs £2,780.

Please observe! Those costs are if you have to pay everything by yourself. Depending in which country you live you have to consider social health care and insurances to support you.

Watch out for travel costs! You can have this operation in some places in the USA. In Europe there are four places so far, Berlin, London, Zürich and Milan.

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