Does anyone get a tension headache and eye strain due to lack of sleep

For a few days im getting a tension headache and eye strain , and I’ve noticed that due to work load or being on social media for hours till 3 am or so and then going to sleep and waking at 8 am can cause these symptoms

NOTE :-i don’t suffer from migraines generally.


Improper sleep is one of the most damaging things you can do to worsen your health. When I sleep poorly I get migraines for a few days.


Bad sleep habits do a lot of damage to your whole body and you can’t make up for that by sleeping in on the weekends. Either you keep a healthy (and consistent) sleep schedule or you don’t, there is no inbetween.

Get more shut-eye and practice better “sleep hygiene”.

If you have so little time in the day that you have to cut back on something, honestly, you’d be better off cutting out breakfast instead of sleep. So you should definitely be giving up social media if it’s taking a large chunk of time because social media <<<< food. In terms of their hierarchy, sleep is just under drinking water and above eating. It deserves the appropriate respect. It’s not something you can just dig into at the end of the day.


Yes, absolutely. Unfortunately I have to structure my time around getting enough sleep or face the consequences.


All the time. Chronic daily headaches and I’ve been dealing with my right eyelid twitching every day for months because I have an insomnia flare up and too much screen time through work and then only have energy to stare at the tv or my phone after. Bad cycle.




Yes! I also get them from over sleeping. Sleep hygiene and making sure to eat at consistent times has helped me drastically


My baby couldn’t sleep last night so neither could I. Significant tension headache today and pain behind the eyes, thankfully not a migraine yet but the pain is bad enough that I can’t get to sleep today, even though the baby is now napping!


I hope you get some relief soon 🙂


Yes. Sleep deprivation is my biggest trigger.


Yes. Humans need sleep.


Yes, also when I work with a lot of data I get eye twitches and headaches lol. I have to set up alerts to take a break from my computer a lot. Oh the joys of being an analyst


I’ve been dealing with this for about two weeks. Tension and so much pain behind my eyes. I am trying to get on a more solid sleep pattern but it’s hard with my daughter.

Thank you for posting and giving me motivation to keep trying.


Go to bed! Stay off social media for at least a few hours before sleep. There have been many studies that talk about computer lights affecting the quality of our sleep and then on top of it, you are only getting 5 hours. Your intuition is telling you what is wrong – listen to it!

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