Are anyone’s temples very tender to the touch like they have a bruise?

I’m not sure if this is caused by my headaches or not

Author: No_Life299

Yes! Although usually WHEN I have a migraine, but other times as well! I always say it feels like I was beat with a baseball bat!


Yes. In my case it’s fascial adhesions/tight muscles. A good physio (or two), have helped trace the root of the problem (neck, or jaw, or both), manage symptoms, and setup a treatment plan.

It’s not impossible it’s caused by tension related to migraines. It may also be a secondary symptom of something that causes migraines, or unrelated. The whole neck/head/trigeminal complex is connected and full of migrainy surprises :/




I’ll have intense pain but the skin on my temples will be numb. Afterwards it’ll feel bruised. I’ve during and after seen to help.


I had this for a couple of months on my left side (my migraine side) several months ago. It was suddenly super tender like I’d been hit or something. It’s gone away now but I was really concerned at the time so brought it up with my GP. She said she didn’t know what would be causing it and just kind of brushed it off… is this actually a common thing with migraines then? I’ve only had it the once in 8 years of migraines but it did freak me out.


Yes and yes it is related to migraines. If you’re not seeing a neurologist I’d recommend that you do just to rule out anything else. Hope you feel better soon! A cold washcloth over my forehead and on my temples helps.


i think this happens after i repeatedly rub/hit my head during a migraine.


In my teens/twenties I used to get this all the time. The temple area would feel really sore almost like it was swollen.


I describe it as “the cracked egg feeling”. Crack in the shell but still intact.


If your temples are tender to touch and this isn’t something you normally get with a migraine, I would seek medical attention if I was you, it could be something like temporal arteritis.


Omg yes!! I’ve always wondered if this was related to migraine. When I brought it up to my neuro they seemed completely unconcerned.


Absolutely. Its constant, whether i have higher level pain or not and its been going on for years, even back when I didnt have at least mild pain in my head daily. If anyone but myself or a doctor being gentle touches them it HURTS. Still uncomfortable for me to touch, but at least I can feel if the pressure is too much and change it quickly and accurately. I will pull away from anyone who looks like the might be going for my temples.


My temporalis muscle on the side of my head where I get 95% of my migraine symptoms feels like I do steroids. It’s all hypertonic


I had a Thai message she does deep tissue ut really hurt the 1st few times.ive never let a person message me before she works on my head neck and shoulders. Please try this you describe my pain. My head hurt from the temple like a 15 pound hammer hit doth side and my eye balls want to pop out. Sorry about that got off track. 1st time on long time got relief.


YES. Incidentally, temples are one of my main locations of migraines. I hate it!

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