7 products to save you from headaches

7 foods to stop migraine


When a headache makes it difficult to enjoy life, you should look not in the medicine cabinet, but in the refrigerator. Some foods can relieve pain no worse than medicines. And they will not cause side effects or hidden allergic reactions, but rather will be beneficial to health. They contain all the necessary substances to relieve you of annoying cramps. We have prepared for you a list of the most effective:


1. Nuts

Nuts to stop migraine
Cashews and pine nuts can be a very effective remedy for headaches. They are rich in magnesium, which saturates the brain with oxygen and stops cramping.

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2. Ginger


Ginger to stop migraine

A cup of ginger tea will be useful not only for colds. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger root effectively overcomes migraines.


3. Apples

Apple to get rid of migraine

The cause of the headache is often a sharp change in weather. If your pressure directly depends on what is happening outside the window, you should consult a doctor to identify the causes.

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Most often this is due to a lack of estrogen hormone. An apple is able to normalize its production, so it quickly eliminates unpleasant sensations.

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4. Black tea with sugar

Black tea with sugar to stop migraine

Of course, sugar is bad for your health, but not this time. Allow yourself to break the rules and make a sweet drink. The fact is that the combination of tea with sugar causes the production of catechins – substances that have an analgesic effect.

5. Melon

Melon to stop migraine

Headache can occur due to dehydration. In this case, in addition to tea, a ripe sweet melon will effectively help. It is rich in potassium, which also reduces pain. Thus, this summer yummy with a double blow will destroy the cramps in your head.

6. Dairy products

Dairy products to stop migraine

Lack of calcium in the body can cause cramping of the muscles of the head. And dairy products will help normalize its level. Low-fat cottage cheese or a glass of milk, yogurt or fermented baked milk has an analgesic effect, no worse than with targeted drugs.

7. Baked potatoes

potatoes to stop migraine

This may sound strange, but baked potato with a peel helps a lot with a headache. And all because there is a lot of potassium in it. After a heady party, even two jacket potatoes are enough to significantly improve well-being.

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